heart shaped inclusion

While making some blue opal rings I discovered this bead with a heart shaped inclusion -- or a "mickey shaped" inclusion, if you prefer :)

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a bunch of bow rings tumbled to high shine and labeled for sizing reference, ready to ship out tomorrow :)

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Ying's 2nd Birthday

Today is my niece Ying's second birthday. The last time (also the only time) I met her in person, she was only 6 months old and just learning to sit by herself, and now she's all grown up, walking, runnning, and speaking three languages!

Like last year, my mother did a portrait of Ying (see picture above) and my dad did the calligraphy on the portrait with the words --

Year by year

Grow up happily, Ying.

If you take a look at last year's portrait, you'll see how much she's grown.

My gifts for Ying this year are a sundress and a reversible hat, and yup, I made both of them from scratch! They were my second clothing sewing projects. The first one was a year and half ago, when I made Ying her first pair of baby booties.

The sundress has adjustable straps so hopefully it will grow with her for a few years.

Love these cute sunflower buttons...

I'm pretty happy with the finishing details. :)

And here is the hat. I didn't have enough fabric of the same color, so I decided to do a little patchwork. One side has brown and pink --

and the other side has pink and purple --

The finishing details. The side seam --

and the top -

I didn't expect the hat to take more time to make than the dress, but it actually took a while for me to match and cut the fabrics.(If you are interested, both patterns came from the book Making Childrens' Clothes.) The pattern of the hat is for 3-5 year olds, so, again, I hope Ying can wear it for a while!

My mom is taking the gifts to my brother's place in a bit. I hope Ying has a great birthday party and enjoys the gifts from her auntie!

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It has been a very dry and hot summer here in Summerville / Charleston. Our brand new grass that was just sodded last winter never really had a chance to grow before it dried up from the heat. Then, after over a month of drought, we finally had one day of good rain two weeks ago.

Then it became dry and hot again, until yesterday. I was at the grocery store when it happened. This time it rained harder -- the thunderstorm, the lightening, and the extremely loud sound of pouring rain  lasted over half an hour. I was ecstatic. The grass needs it, and I need it too. I feel as if my creativity has run dry for a long time (not related to weather) to the point that I am almost starting to wonder if I will ever be creative again.

The rain somehow assured me that it will. The rain seems to show me that's how nature runs its course -- it will rain after the drought, you just may have to be patient..

Tomorrow I'll be gone to Myrtle Beach for a long weekend to celebrate my birthday (technically I wouldn't call it "celebrate", since I hate birthdays because they remind me that I'm getting older, so  perhaps the correct term to use here would be to "escape" my birthday) with Mike and two other friends. Hopefully this will be the first step to getting my creativity back.

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cherry blossoms and tulips

team treasury created by Phydeaux!

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more from yesterday..

most were made yesterday from scratch, although a few pieces were only "assembled" yesterday( the parts were made earlier)

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Countdown and Practice - Rookie Craftshow Preparation

Before I start, just a quick note that if you would like to help the victims of the Japan earthquake and tsunami, you can make a donation to various charity organizations such as the Red Cross, or if you happen to need to purchase gifts(or for yourself!), many Etsy sellers will donate the proceeds for you. I have two of these fundraising listings in my Etsy shop.

Remember my last post about Flowertown Festival? It's now only two weeks away, and I am nervous! Last night I had a dream about making tons of sales at Flowertown, and when I woke up, I realized I hadn't even made that much jewelry for sale.Ha! Guess that's what I will be devoting my spare time to from now until the Show.

About two weeks ago I decided to ask April to help me with Flowertown Festival. Not only has she been giving me ideas for the booth setup, and she also built me two wooden shelves, which were absolutely my dream display. She brought the shelves last weekend so we could practice the setup with them.This was actually our second practice session.The first time was two weeks ago, when we decided the general layout of the booth and the need for the shelves. I don't want to spoil the fun, so there will be no closeup pictures until after the show. :) But as you can see in the following picture, this is how the tables will be laid out. I will be using a 4'x2' at the front to draw attention to the crowd. The other table of the L shape is a 5'x 2.5' that (hopefully) will lead the crowd into the booth. I will be sitting behind this "counter". In the back corner of the tent is another 5'x2.5' table. This layout is designed to ensure smooth traffic flow if two people want to come in or leave the tent at the same .

On the right sidewall of the tent is a pegboard(it was painted black after this photo was taken) that was attached to the the frame of the tent using bungee cords. Most of the earrings will be displayed on this pegboard.

I'll give you a photo that shows some of the displays and the wooden shelf April built. It measures about 4'x1', which will put the displays at eye level so that customers don't have to bent down to look at the jewelry.

Now, I'd like to mention something that I was so terrified about prior to this experience - setting up the canopy by myself. Don't ask me why, but no matter how many people told me that it would be ok, I simply wouldn't believe myself until I actually tried it. After much consideration and research, I eventually went with a Caravan canopy instead of an E-Z Up (these two are probably the most popular brands for professional crafters). Caravan is known to be durable and, therefore, bulky. It has a steel frame and is pretty darn heavy, but I am glad to know that I can (to my surprise) pick it up and walk a few feet without problem. It also comes with a wheeled carrying bag, which should make it easier for me to move it for a longer distance. When I set it up by myself, I have to keep walking in circles and work from one corner to the next for a few times until the whole Canopy is pushed up. It takes me about 20 minutes to set up the tent, and then another 20 minutes for the sidewalls. Although I haven't tried, I can imagine with two people it would probably be much faster than that. 

Now, you may wonder..how much does it cost to do a big craft show like this? Well, this is something I was not prepared for. Originally I thought the cost would only be slightly more than the booth fee, since I don't have to travel (it's only 2 miles away from my house), but I was totally wrong! Let me give you a quick breakdown on the costs...

booth fee - $350 (for a three-day show)

canopy - $200 and up (My Caravan cost close to $270 including the sidewalls)

folding tables - $150~200 (depending on how many tables and what size you need)

display - $100 and up depending on how fancy you want your booth to be.

banner(s) - $50 and up

business cards and misc. supplies - this would easily cost more than $100. I had to buy a dolly($30), bungee cords ($15), business cards($50) and a few other items, and there still seems to be more things to buy.

I believe that was over $1000 there already. Thankfully, other than the booth fees, the rest are re-usable for future shows, so I suppose I will be doing Flowertown Festival every year from now on.

It's time to get back to work, so I'll talk to you again after the show - please come by and say hi if you are around the area between 4/1 and 4/3. My booth is G49, inside the Azalea Park. 

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My New Home!

Today is an important day because I have officially become a home owner today! Mike took the afternoon off from work to go to the closing attorney with me. After signing pages of paper for over 40 minutes, we finally received the keys to our brand new house.

Our official moving day is next Saturday. I have been packing slowly whenever I get a chance -- and this is when I'm glad a lot of my stuff is still unpacked from my last move a year ago. But my studio will always be the most difficult and annoying to pack. Since my website and Etsy shop will stay open throughout the move, I also need to quickly unpack the whole studio straight after the move so I can go right back to filling orders on Monday. I'm very excited and also nervous, but it's all good -- I look forward to starting a new life at this new home!

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Store Wide Sale This Weekend - 20% off EVERYTHING!

hello guys! It's been a long time. Just a quick update that I will be running a huge sale this weekend. From now through 10/17, enjoy 20% off everything on my website. I will be away for a few days and orders will be processed upon my return next week. If you don't mind waiting for a few extra days, now is the best time to order your X'mas gifts, as this is the last sale I will run before X'mas.


Mollie xo

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California Trip

Last week, I took a few days off to host a jewelry class as well as visit some friends in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was an intense trip, and I had a blast! I was really excited to finally meet and stay with my childhood best friend Beth after losing contact with her for over 10 years. We have known each other since kindergarten and were very close to each other when we were at elementary school. We took some long walks near Menlo Park, where she lives.You can see more photos on my Flickr.

Beth was also my fabulous driver to Modern Mouse (where I consigned some of my jewelry as well as hosted my jewelry class) and Renegade San Francisco.I was very excited to see my jewelry displayed at Modern Mouse, as well as meet the amazing shop owner Eleen for the first time.Eleen did such a great job preparing for the jewelry class.We even had snacks and drinks at the class! The funny thing is everyone was too busy during the class that I ended up being the only one snacking after everyone left. :P

Renegade SF was awesome. There were hundreds of fabulous handmade designers selling their products, and I was pretty overwhlmed. I also met quite a few Etsy friends from Full Time Etsy Crafters Team in person.More photos are available on my Flickr.

I got back on Tuesday morning and spent the past few days catching up with orders.Hopefully everything will be back to normal next week!





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Status Updates
Placed 6 supply orders in a
Posted 12.06.2009 11:36 pm

is looking for a house to rent
in two months..anyone knows a
good 3 br house in West Ashley
with garage for under $1000/mo?
Posted 9.29.2009 10:44 pm

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